Thursday, November 30, 2023

This American Cafe Just Debuted CBD-Infused Ice Cream

Yet another sign of the times, now cannabis is making its way into ice cream shops. It’s not the biggest leap; cannabis infused ice cream has been around for a long time, but having it at a mainstream hotspot in Ashville, North Carolina is a true tell. Marijuana is simply part of our culture now, all the way to down-home, local sweets.

Hop Ice Cream Cafe is set to debut the CBD oil infused ice cream on June 29, during a wellness night being held at the creamery. It will be available in all three of their locations and the owners are pretty excited about it.

“We actually steep the hemp flower buds in the ice cream, and it does give it a little bit of the, like, dank hempy smell and flavor. But it’s really delicious,” Ashley Garrison, co-owner of the shop along with Greg Garrison, told WLOS.

Aside from the anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, pain reducing properties of the CBD found in the very low-THC hemp plants, because the two are using CBD oil in particular, made with premium ingredients, good fats, antioxidants and minerals are in the mix, making this one dish of ice cream that has absolutely no regrets.

CBD has gained enormous popularity over the last several years and is being infused into everything from the Garrisons’ ice cream to gourmet coffees to popcorn and pretty much anything that is able to be infiltrated. Because CBD on its own is legal to possess and distribute as long as it has less than three percent THC along with it, it is available across the U.S. and is the only cannabinoid option for people living in states that are still under the laws of prohibition.

Ice cream infused with CBD is an innovative way to get some medicine into your body in a flavorful, refreshing way. It may be just the thing to quell any afternoon anxieties. But it is important to remember that CBD seems to work best when combined with a slightly higher amount of THC. The cannabis plant itself, in most cases, is a holistic healer with all of its moving parts working in conjunction with one another.

Our bodies are literally riddled with cannabinoid receptors just waiting to eat up whatever cannabinoids you’re able to feed them, though, and if there were a CBD ice cream cafe on my corner, I’d certainly be there for the release, and likely be back often and gratefully.


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