Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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‘OK, Boomer’ Meme Might Become A TV Show

Fox Media is trying to trademark the phrase in order to adapt it into a TV series.

“OK, Boomer”, otherwise known as “that meme that’s become the most efficient way of burning anyone over the age of 50” is officially positioned to become a TV show. What will it be about? No one has a clue.

The Guardian reports that Fox Media is attempting to trademark the phrase for entertainment purposes, as if the meme in its original form wasn’t funny and transcendent enough. Although nobody seems to know what a TV show based on a meme will look like, according to the filing, the series would be a reality, comedy or game show called “OK BOOMER.”

So, from that wording, we can gather that Fox just wants to trademark the name and has no idea what to do with it. Cool.

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Fox isn’t the only player in the game. Ever since the news broke, there have been other businesses interested in reaping the benefits of “OK, Boomer”, trying to make money in the shape of clothing, stickers, a stage play, you name it.

Internet fads and memes don’t make for the most inspiring stories, especially since they’re so intrinsic with the way in which we communicate online. The magic of “OK, Boomer” and memes in general is the fact that anyone can make something go viral if they come up with a good enough version of the joke. But, hey, who are we to judge what Fox does with its money?

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Let’s hope the show doesn’t end up becoming a sort of meme-ception, one that likely boomers put together and that ends up being embarrassing because it tries too hard to hang out with the kids.



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