Sunday, May 26, 2024

From The WTF Files: Inside Instagram’s Avocado Marriage Proposals

There’s a new relationship trend and it involves avocados and Instagram. Swoon, right? If that doesn’t have you nostalgic for Nora Ephron movies, wait until you hear about guys who actually use avocados, not to make their SOs avocado toast in the morning, but as a ring box. Surprise! You’ve been avocadoed!

It all started with this guy, @taylorselbyyoga, who, we assume, used the fruit to propose to his (still?) girlfriend last October.

PSA: If your guy is going to propose to you using an avocado, just make sure it’s at least fresh. A decaying avocado does not speak highly of your future together.

Then this photo popped up recently.  It’s already garnered more than 100K “likes.” What’s to like?

Using avocados as engagement props may not be the most romantic maneuver, but it’s better than cutting your hand open while trying to deseed one or gauging whether or not you’re dateable using guacamole as your guide. And it sure is fun to watch social media suck the life out of this so-called trend. Once Twitter throws shade, your time is up.

British supermarket Asda is now putting stickers on avocados that are “perfect for proposals.” The dude above could have used this handy trick. As The Independent reports:

…the avocados are chosen based on Asda’s own version of the ‘four Cs’ – whilst someone choosing a diamond ring might look for colour, clarity, carat and cut, when choosing the avocados, Asda has assessed colour, complexion, cut and creaminess.

Avocado expert Adrian Kurzynski takes it one step further. And, no, this is not a joke:

From a soft, yet firm avocado to keep the ring in place, to a perfect pear-shape that allows for symmetrical slicing, our ‘Perfect for Proposal’ sticker system will help the increasing number of avocado proposals go as smoothly as the flesh of the fruit they’re holding.

Guys, just make sure when you cut open the avocado to remove the seed, you don’t actually slice your hand open. A brown avocado is better than a red one any day.


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