‘Avocado Hand’ Is A Thing And Here’s How To Avoid It

TFW your brunch turns into a slasher film.

Idiot-Proof Avocados
Photo by coyot via Pixabay

This avocado trend has officially gotten out of hand. Or rather, too much in hand. More people are getting hurt from avocado-related injuries, and not just from surge pricing, it’s the dreaded “Avocado Hand.”

The invent of avocado toast and avocado smushed on everything has created an Inception-like trend within a trend: avocado hand. It’s what happens when you fail at cutting an avocado, specifically removing the pit. It happened to Meryl Streep back in 2012 (she had to have surgery), so it could happen to any of us!

Avocado hand even has its own hashtag on Instagram, because of course it does.

I can't believe I gave myself Avocado Hand…the things we do for trendy food. ?✋️?? #avocadohand #avocadoh

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I just wanted to make guacamole. ? #avocadohand #stitches #imastatistic

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The Times of London is calling avocado hand a “global phenomenon,” and states the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons wants safety labels on the fruit to avoid the growing number of trips to the ER.

Unless you can convince your Instagram followers that those red splashes on your top-angle avocado toast pic is hot sauce, here’s a super simple and safe way to remove an avocado pit. Step away from the sharp objects until you’ve watched this.



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