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Planet Hopping: Budweiser Wants To Brew The First Beer On Mars

If you had to pick one thing Mars was missing, what would it be?

Gravity, you say? Pfft. That’s the thinking of a sober person.

Budweiser believes there is a significant black hole of alcohol in space, and is furiously working to brew the Red Planet’s first beer.

At South by Southwest Monday, in front of a panel that included actress Kate Mara and retired spaceman Clayton Anderson, Budweiser Vice President Ricardo Marques unveiled plans for the brand to become the first beer on Mars. When asked what the challenges are of bringing beer to space, Anderson said, “Anytime you go from a gravity-based environment…and then you go to a zero gravity-based environment, and you put carbonation in a beverage, it’s going to cause issues.”

And while there are many hurdles that must be overcome to reach such metaphorical and literal heights, Marques says the solar operation “is a dream that builds off our unbreakable belief in the power of the pursuit of the American dream.” Watch the announcement:

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