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Raclette Cheese Is The Most Delicious Instagram Trend

Food trends are big on Instagram, especially if the photos feature gooey and greasy items. (Really, anything a human person shouldn’t be consuming.)

Cheese is one of the most photogenic foods around (right?), so it’s unsurprising that it produces a significant amount of likes on Instagram. Kind of similar to ASMR videos and the type of clips that you can spend hours watching on a loop, the new-ish trend of someone pouring raclette cheese over a dish has achieved tons of notoriety, becoming one of the five most Instagrammed foods in Europe.

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While raclette is a little less known in the U.S., the influence has grown steadily. There’s a restaurant in New York that specializes in serving these kinds of cheese plates and tons of people are curious about it, even if they don’t know what the dish entails.

Most videos featuring raclette consist of someone scraping off large chunks of cheese from the block onto a dish. The contents of the dish tend to be made up of proteins like steak and an assortment of veggies.

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Raclette is originally from Switzerland. While it’s generally confused with cheese fondue, this dish serves the cheese on the side or on top of the food instead of acting as a dip. Both meals are delicious, but raclette seems to be the perfect food for Instagram. There’s something awesome and excessive about having so much cheese on your plate. The scraping process also works great on a boomerang.



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