Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Meme Alert: Silly Outfits For The First Day Of School

Oh, teens. Memes and social media challenges have become the norm of the internet, especially for younger and more malleable generations who’ll do almost anything to get a video to go viral. We all remember the ice bucket challenge, the one-finger selfie challenge, the mannequin challenge, the list is endless.

The latest internet meme is limited to high schoolers, because they’re the only ones who can get away with making a fool of themselves publicly. The challenge  consists of wearing the wackiest and ugliest outfit to school, be that ’70s inspired, or just finding and wearing the mom-iest mom jeans you can find. Depending on the popularity of the image, how many likes and retweets it gets, the kid will have to wear that outfit for their first day of school, a day that’s kind of a big deal for all school goers. 

After pairing their craziest combinations, kids will set a goal that their image will have to break. If the picture gets, say 30 retweets and 12 likes, then they’ll proudly wear the outfit and make a fool out of themselves on their first day of school.

While this first day of school challenge may be a little silly and very dumb, it’s also safe and sort of harmless. That’s kind of great considering our record for 2017. 



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