Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Beer With Your Coffee: Starbucks Is Now Serving A Spiked Drink

Either Starbucks has psychic powers, or they are super on-trend these days.

Just as a new study found that “coffee” and “beer” were the two most tweeted words of the past year, the company went and announced the launch of their first cocktail, which combines Starbucks espresso and beer. It’s called the Espresso Cloud IPA. And it’s basically a beer with a coffee chaser all in one. Or at least it can be.

According to the company’s blog, 1912 Pike, the drink is multi-faceted. First, a combination of ice, espresso, orange and vanilla is shaken together to create a frothy shot of flavored espresso. The foam is placed atop a glass of IPA and the espresso is placed in a shot glass, served alongside the beer. For the truly adventurous, the shot is then poured into the IPA, creating a “layered waterfall” effect (not to be confused with a “velvety cascade of deliciousness.”) So, you can either have yourself a coffee-flavored beer or you can have a beer with an espresso back. It’s like a chose your own adventure!

But forget words, the beverage is best visualized by actually watching a demo:

The drink is currently being served at locations that offer the Evening Menu (aka Starbucks wine bars).

If you want to throw caution to the wind and get a super buzz on (some might call it lightheadedness), this is the drink for you. If you like your Starbucks without the alcohol, but still frothy, you might want to try your hand at Starbucks nitro cold brew.


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