Saturday, September 24, 2022

Starbucks Japan Just Dropped A Cherry Pie Frappuccino With A Crust Lid

If you love Frappuccinos, you need to book a plane ticket to Japan, ASAP.

The nation of novelty food items is where Starbucks has wisely decided to launch an American Cherry Pie flavored Frapp, complete with a pie crust dome. PIE CRUST DOME!

So many follow-up questions here, like: Why is this not standard practice? When do the cake cups debut? Is Willy Wonka replacing the mermaid?

Just like digging into a real piece of pie a la mode, customers will need to pierce the crust with a straw, letting it coast down a highway of fresh whipped cream, vanilla-flavored Frappuccino base, BITE SIZED PIE PIECES and a bottom layer of cherry compote.

According to RocketNews24, Starbucks Japan is also releasing a Classic Tea Cream Frappuccino this summer that contains a blend of Earl Grey, Ceylon and crimson-hued Malawi teas, honey sugar pieces, whipped cream and honey sauce.

The American Cherry Pie is available for a very limited time: April 13 to May 16. Just not in America.

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