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Netflix Is Publishing A Magazine To Advertise Their Programming

Just when you thought magazines were dead, Netflix is dipping its huge toe into the business. Don’t get too excited, though. For now, the magazine won’t be available for purchase.

Bloomberg reports that Netflix’s magazine will focus on promoting its TV shows and movies ahead of this year’s Emmys. If there’s any success to this marketing strategy, you can expect to see more of them come official awards season.

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The first publication of the journal, which is officially called Wide, will be made up of over a 100 pages of essays, interviews and features about the creators behind different Netflix series and programs. The magazine will be distributed for free and it plans on making it easier for Hollywood to access the company’s unbelievable amount of content.

“In preparation for a groundbreaking year in film and television, Netflix has gathered some of the most talented and sought after writers and photographers, thinkers and creatives, to make the inaugural issue of Wide, the Netflix print journal,” explained Netflix in an email.

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Last year, the company released over 700 TV shows, documentaries, comedy sets, animation and movies. The one thing they’re still looking for is award recognition and to finally get rid of the “internet” brand that permeates their content, alienating it from traditional film studios and networks that have been around for longer periods of time.

The first issue of Wide is expected to roll out this June.


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