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What Is THCV And Can It Help You Lose Weight?

THC-V is a cannabis compound that’s rare and hard to extract. It has shown promising results for weight loss and treating acne.

With CBD and THC taking up so much of our attention, it’s easy to forget that there are hundreds of other cannabinoids that have yet to be explored. THC-V ( short for tetrahydrocannabivarin) is one of these elements, and it’s known for being one of the rarest and hardest cannabis compounds to find and extract.

When paired with THC, low doses of THC-V reportedly control the most extreme side effects of THC, like munchies and powerful head highs. The problem is that, since THC-V is so rare, it’s hard to judge the compound on its own.

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THC and THC-V contain similar molecules and properties, but there are some interesting differences that have been uncovered. In contrast to THC, THC-V is an appetite suppressant, making it a good option for people who don’t want to smoke marijuana and cope with the munchies. Some studies say that THC-V may help with diabetes and regulating blood sugar levels, and that it may curb anxiety attacks in PTSD patients without suppressing their emotions.

If you’re interested in trying out the compound for yourself, look for African sativa strains. THC-V is likely present in most common strains, but experts say that the strains that contain the most of it are African sativas. Popular strains like Durban Poison and Malawi are good places to start.

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If you don’t know where to look and your dispensary has no African sativas, have a talk with your budtender. Ask for lab tested strains and for those that contain significant amounts of THCV. They might also inform you about up and coming products containing the compound.


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