Study: Vitamin Supplements Provide No Health Benefits

This new study claims it's best to just eat healthy.

Study: Vitamin Supplements Provide No Health Benefits
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A study by the University of Toronto claims that the most consumed vitamin and mineral supplements don’t make a difference to your health, providing no benefits or damage. You’re basically just wasting your time and money when taking them.

This study, published on the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, reviewed existing data that spanned several years, from January 2012 until October 2017, and discovered that the most consumed vitamin and mineral supplements (calcium, vitamin D and vitamin C) provided no prevention of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes or premature death.

Science Daily reports that lead author Dr. David Jenkins was very surprised by finding so few positive effects from the world’s leading supplements. “Our review found that if you want to use multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium or vitamin C, it does no harm — but there is no apparent advantage either.”

These discoveries support the idea that, if you’re a person who has no deficiencies, nothing can replace a healthy diet of less processed foods filled with vegetables, nuts, proteins, and fruits. Researchers also capitalize on how important it is to stay informed, and to be aware of what’s inside of those pills. “People should be conscious of the supplements they’re taking and ensure they’re applicable to the specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies they have been advised of by their healthcare provider,” Dr. Jenkins said.

The only positive result the study found was related to folic acid, which could potentially help reduce the risk of strokes and heart disease.

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