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This Terrifying Emergency Warning Popped Up During Prime Time TV

Last week TV viewers from the southern area of New Jersey saw a sudden terrifying emergency warning message that interrupted their prime time scheduling. The warning included words like “nuclear power plant,” which obviously got people riled up.

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management claimed that the warning was a training exercise and that there was no need to worry. The agency explained that the broadcast was meant to be seen by a small group of people who were participating in the exercise and that due to a coding error they ended up broadcasting the message to the whole area.

The warning was viewed by the residents of Salem County and Cumberland County, where there’s a population of 215,000 people. The Salem Nuclear Power Plant is located in that county and it’s one of the location’s main attractions.

I don’t know about the people from Salem or Cumberland, but I would’ve been super freaked out knowing that I live close to a nuclear power plant that’s entered an emergency status, whatever that means. It’s kind of a bad time to be making that sort of mistakes. You can’t kid around with anything that’s nuclear right now guys, come on.

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