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These Are The 3 Most Popular Places To Have Airplane Sex

3 Most Popular Places To Have Airplane Sex
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The Mile High Club. It sure has the reputation of being something that only the “cool people” are card carrying members of. But, really, how many people are actually having sex on airplanes? And where are they having this alleged sex? Planes are small, and the parts that aren’t are clearly visible to other passengers.

Thankfully, the folks at dating website SaucyDates.com surveyed an international audience of 11,179 people over their dating network and got to the bottom of things.

First up, who are people having sex with?

Not surprising, 37 percent are couples traveling together, 30 percent are strangers (what?!) and  18 percent of plane sex occurs with staff. Says SaucyDates: “There are some cases of two staff members but the majority are staff / passenger combinations.” Not to be confused with “couples,” 15 percent of sex is with friends. Says SaucyDates, “Be warned, the risk of getting caught with your friend is much higher. Could this be due to the awkwardness the idea?” Sure.


More than half (59 percent)  of people had sex in the toilet which is not surprising as it’s the most private location on a plane, although one of the most cramped. 13% of people who had sex in the toilet were caught.


How this is done discreetly is pretty mind boggling. A whole 31 percent of people surveyed reported having had sex in their seat, and 14 percent of them were caught. (If you’re wondering how, head to SaucyDates.com for some insights.)

Kitchen / Galley

The most risky place to have sex is definitely the kitchen area. But 9 percent of respondents claim to have had sex in the  galley with 21 percent of them getting caught. As if airline food wasn’t already gag-inducing.

Only 1 percent of people have had sex in the cockpit (presumably misinterpreting the name). “We discovered that the vast majority of these were private jets or light aircraft,” says SaucyDates. “We stripped these from the results to keep everything to commercial aircraft where possible,” adding: “Our best estimate of commercial flights is 1% of respondents claim to have had sex in the cockpit and it poses the highest risk of getting caught at 27%. The airlines will remain a secret.”

Infographic courtesy of Saucydates.com

Only five percent of people reported having had actual sex on a plane, even though 78 percent said they’d like to. As SaucyDates points out, that’s 83 percent of passengers, at any given moment, thinking about having plane sex. “Combine that with a boring long haul flight and free drinks (on some flights) it’s not surprising that it happens,” says SaucyDates.

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