Friday, August 12, 2022

These London Buses Use Fuel Made From Coffee

In an effort to reduce transport emissions and to try and save the world, the public transportation department of London has begun to use a new biofuel on their buses that’s made from coffee.

The Daily Meal reports that these sorts of experiments are not new for the city of London, which has invested in different sorts of biofuel from all kinds of foods, including tallow and cooking oil. London is a city that suffers from heavy pollution, so these investments have sadly become a necessity.

Luckily for Londoners, a lot of people drink coffee there, producing around 220,000 tons of coffee waste every year. This hopefully means that they’ll have a lot of fuel for their buses while also helping out our environment. This “coffee oil” is made by Bio-bean and it’s a mixture of coffee waste and diesel. The company claims that they have enough fuel to power a bus for the duration of a year. In a rough estimate, it takes around 2.55 million of coffee cups to power one bus. Wow.

Bio-fuel gets their coffee supplies from different shops and factories that make instant coffee. Even though they need a lot of coffee to make fuel, the drink will never stop being a priority in the modern world, so we’ll never run out of those.


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