Friday, August 12, 2022

Strippers’ 5 Tips To Keep Your Bikini Line Clean And Free Of Bumps

Razor burns and bumps are always around if you shave your bikini line regularly. Cosmopolitan interviewed Jacqueline Francis, stripper and author of Striptastic!, to gather some intel on how to properly maintain bikini lines and keep your body as healthy as possible.

Francis claims that there is no perfect bikini line, and that most strippers use concealer as a way of covering up any imperfections, so don’t be disappointed if your bikini line has some blemishes. It’ll always be a delicate area, no matter how careful you’re being. Check out these 5 tips for having a better bikini line: 

Use Conditioner Instead Of Shaving Cream

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Francis thinks that shaving cream doesn’t do much except cost money, and that conditioner is just what you need for adding some slip and moisture when you shave.

Shave With Hair Growth

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If you’re looking to shave for the beach or for somewhere where you don’t need a very close shave, Francis recommends shaving with the hair growth, which will have a gentler effect on your skin.

Make Sure Your Razor Is Sharp

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When you have to drag your razor over your skin several times it means that it’s dull and that it’ll hurt your skin. Be sure to use a sharp razor which will avoid giving you any extra skin damage.

Pat Witch Hazel After Shower

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Witch Hazel is an astringent that’ll help you prevent bumps, which you can use after showering.

Use Coconut Oil To Moisturize Skin

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This helps hydrate your skin and prevent bumps for the next time you need to shave. It’s also important to avoid shaving every day and to save it for times when it’s really necessary. Your skin will appreciate the rest you’ll give it.


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