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This 1936 Cat Video Broke The Internet

Viral videos featuring cute cats are nothing new, they’re basically why the Internet is famous. Videos shot in 1936 featuring sleek firefighting cats that manage to slide down hoses are something else entirely, and deserve our recognition and complete attention.

Mickey the Minneapolis Fire Cat is described as a cat who loves to play dominoes and chase fire instead of rats. He seems to be really into fire.

The video is set in Station 10, a fire station located in downtown Minneapolis. According to The Huffington Post, the station functioned from 1936 until 2001 when it closed down.

Cinemacats.com claims that Mickey was a real celebrity back in the day, appearing in syndicated news stories and on the Milwaukee Journal of 1936. He was rediscovered by the Internet, who had many thoughts regarding how cute Mickey was, how ethical the video is, and how awesome his firefighting hat and skills are.

Timely commentary, of course.

While the discourse may never end, we do know one thing: cat videos were famous way before the Internet existed.

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