Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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This Cat Has An Unusual Way Of Showing Its Hatred For The Vet

Nobody likes going to the doctor, including animals. In fact, unlike humans, it’s perfectly acceptable for pets to act out when they know they’re going to the vet. They can statue, give you dirty looks, try to run away, or hide.

As photographic proof, Twitter use Ashly Perez snapped a pic of her cat, King James, hiding his head in the trash bin as his way of coping with the trauma associated with a check-up. Do they make human head sizes?

People began posting photos of their own cats at the vet clinic. As it turn out, cats and vets aren’t really a cohesive relationship.

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And then there’s @SunnySeea, posting what we’re all usually thinking when we’re waiting at the doctor’s office.

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