Wednesday, December 6, 2023

WATCH: Museum Guard Spends Most Of His Time Denying 2 Cats Entry

Imagine that for the past two years, you worked your ass off just to try and get past security at an art museum. The struggle is real for two cats in Japan who are not here to be denied their chance to get inside the Onomichi Museum of Art. They’re so determined and persistent, Twitter has caught wind of their dilemma and are rooting for the cats to be let inside for the love of god already!

For two years, a black cat named Ken-Chan and his orange buy Gosaku have been straight-up denied entry by an equally determined security guard. This is some serious Bugs Bunny shenanigans. The irony, according to SoraNews24, is that the cats have been trying to gain entry ever since a cat photography exhibition swung through the museum in 2016. This is not a joke.

The collection of photos shows happy felines captured in a number of sunny street-side poses by [Mitsuaki] Iwago, a 66-year-old Tokyo-born photographer. News of the exhibition now appears to have spread to the feline world, with one cute cat seen trying to gain entry to the museum several days after the opening of the exhibit.

So, two cats are not allowed to view cat photos? This is unacceptable. Just ask the cats.

Twitter has captured some of the more hilarious moments between the security guard, Ken-Chan and Gosaku.


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