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Cheapskate: Here’s How Much Your State Sucks At Tipping

If you’re not a complete dirtbag, its polite to leave a 15-20-percent tip on your bill, whether it be coffee, an ice cream cone or a full dinner. But if you live in Hawaii, apparently it’s common for people to leave just 14.8 percent, making them the worst tippers in the country. Compare that to Idaho, the most tip-friendly state, where tippers leave an average of 17.4 percent, according to Square.

The mobile payment company based their rankings on millions of credit and debit transactions throughout the month of July from more than two million retailers (ranging from boutique businesses to Starbucks) across the country.  Results show the national tip average is 16.4%.

And just like the old cliché, the study found that the most wealthy states tipped the least, and the most poverty stricken states gave the most. Money can’t buy class.

Some people, however, admit they don’t tip via Square, because the app requires you to tip before your service. How many people are tipping in cash after the service is actually performed? We may never know.

How does your state stack up?

Via Square



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