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This Ice Skating Girl Is All Of Us During The Holidays

Seeing people fall makes us happy and we don’t know why. For some reason watching that tumble instantly brightens our mood no matter how bad our day was. If you see someone fall, you laugh.

This girl made our days instantly brighter by falling while ice skating – ice skating falls are always incredible – and then falling, and falling, and falling. Seriously, she can’t get stop.

The best part out of the video is the fact that she’s having such a great time. According to Buzzfeed News, the video features Madoka Takayama, a 16 year old student from Japan who hadn’t skated in a long period of time and wanted to see if she’d improved. Clearly, she hasn’t. She struggles from the minute she steps on the ice, and then struggles some more, to a point where it seems like she’ll have to crawl out of the ice rink to make it to safety.

This inspiring video became the most relatable meme ever, with people from all over the web coming up with different scenarios where they are the falling girl:

Who knew falling while ice skating could be so iconic.

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