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This Kentucky Town Voted A Dog As Mayor For The Fourth Year

Only in small towns would you find a story like this. The Kentucky town of Rabbit Hash is so small, they’re of little use for a full-time mayor. Still they elect one, just in case. Their latest mayor is named Brynneth Paltrow. She is a dog.

Brynneth, or Brynn for short, is a 3-year-old rescue pit bull. The election wasn’t given to her, however. Brynn had to compete against Stella the cat and Higgins the donkey in the election. She won in a landslide, amassing more than 3,300 votes.

“She’s a lover, she’s such a sweet dog. She is a pit bull rescue and she’s going to be quite the ambassador for that breed,” Bobbi Kayser, who is on the board of directors for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society in Kentucky, told People.

This is the fourth time in a row Rabbit Hash has elected a dog as mayor. Residents use the election as a fundraising opportunity. Each vote costs $1 and residents can cast as many votes as their wallet allows. The proceeds went to the The Rabbit Hash General Store, which was devastated by a fire last year. Some voting may have been caused by an early happy hour.

“We encourage drinking at the polls,” Kayser told People. “[P]eople tend to donate more if they’ve had a few.”

Brynn won the position last November and was “indawgerated” (seriously) in January. Brynn ran on a platform of “peace, love and understanding,” as Brynn’s owner, 23-year-old Jordie Bamforth, told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

“Brynn has declared to be peaceful with any human or animal that comes through Rabbit Hash, especially the cats,” said Bamforth, who adopted Byrnn from a local shelter. “Brynn does like to chase the cats around here, but has pledged to refrain from it as much as possible.”


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