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Gossip: Beyoncé And Jay-Z Can’t Afford Their Dream House; Britney Spears Opens Up About 2007 Meltdown

Beyoncé and Jay-Z aren’t as rich as we thought.

Though the couple — who recently welcomed a pair of newborn twins — are spending their summer in a rented Malibu mansion for $40,000 a month, Bey and Jay are said to be having down problems locking down a Los Angeles mansion within their price range. In fact, the parents-of-three’s hunt for the perfect family estate has come to a halt due to money problems.

Via TMZ:

Our real estate sources say the Carters have been frustrated because their search — which has gone on for several weeks— has hit a stumbling block, and the stumbling block is cash.

We’re told their budget is around $75 million, give or take a few mil. It sounds nuts, but they can’t find a place they love for the amount they’re willing to spend. As one well-connected source puts it, “They want a super baller, crazy estate, and the ones they love are going for $150 mil.”

Our sources say the Carters have seen just about everything that’s on the market and nothing in their price range is floating their boat.

Britney Spears Opens Up About Her 2007 Meltdown

My life was controlled by too many people and that doesn’t let you be yourself. I was lost and didn’t know what to do with myself. I was trying to please everyone around me because that’s who I am deep inside. There are moments when I look back and think ‘what the hell was I thinking’.

“I had to give myself more breaks and take responsibility for my mental health.”

Spears admits that despite the fact that she still finds fame overwhelming at times, she’s reached a good place in her life.

“All this fame is way too much for me, as it’s really hard to grasp its magnitude. When you’re young and in the beginning of your career it’s understandable that you’ve just stepped into this world. I have these moments where I just want to dress up like a normal person and walk in the street. It goes through my mind quite a lot.

“Each and every one of us that starts at a young age needs to take account that you’ve gotta be balanced in order to stay in this industry and to manage your personal life. Sometimes that’s very challenging. I think I was very different back then, younger, not always knowing what’s good or bad, very instinctive.

“Today I’m at a better place in my life. My kids shaped my personality and filled me. They made me not worry about what was happening to me,” she added.

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