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This Little Girl Is Obsessed With Doll Face Transplants And It’s Super Creepy

There’s a 7-year-old girl who’s so obsessed with playing doctor, she performs really complex (and deeply disturbing) face transplants on her dolls.

According to Mashable, the image was uploaded by the girl’s older sister on Twitter, where she called out for help. Yes, someone please help her. She explained that her little sister really loved playing doctor and that she liked to take care of her family members when they were sick.

If my mom is sick or whatever, she’ll make … fake IVs and oxygen masks to put on her. It’s funny.

That sounds really cute, unlike the creepy dolls.

Let’s not focus on the disturbing outcome of the surgery. Let’s focus on little girls wanting to be doctors and surgeons because that’s awesome and worth encouraging. No matter how creepy you are, you should always follow your dreams and do what you’re passionate about.


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