Scary Summer: This Mega Super Soaker Can Kill You

It was built by a former NASA engineer.

Super Soaker
Screenshot via Mark Rober/Youtube

Your favorite childhood toys have their limitations. A Nerf gun can only shoot so many darts and you can only accessorize Barbie with what comes in the packaging. Perhaps you have the imagination to build these toys bigger and better, but you don’t yet have the tools.

Fortunately for us, former NASA engineer Mark Rober has the tools. And he decided it’s time to upgrade everyone’s favorite outdoor summertime toy: the Super Soaker.

These kind of upgrade aren’t exactly new for Rober being the tinkerer he is. He also built a mega Nerf gun last summer. But this time Rober teamed with his building buddy Bob Clagett to construct the world’s largest Super Soaker from scratch. Rober also chatted with the original creator of the Super Soaker to learn more about how and why the device works.

Rober’s mega Super Soaker can be outfitted with different spigots to produce different high-powered water streams. One has a smaller mouth and can be used to cut through watermelons and glass and another produces a high-powered velocity to smash cups and fruits. But of course the fun is in soaking other people and this giant toy doesn’t disappoint.

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