Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Why Tom Brady Is Cocky, Ignorant And Will Be Cursed Forever More

Tom Brady has reason to be cocky. The only quarterback to win five Super Bowls, he won the last in highly dramatic fashion, as Brady rallied his team from a 28-3 deficit to steal championship victory. That win secured Brady, in the minds of many in the sports world, as the all-time GOAT (greatest of all time) NFL quarterback.

It is an opinion almost insurmountable to argue otherwise. As radio personality Charlamagne Tha God has repeated, Tom Brady is the only person to beat the internet. Early memes and jokes of the Patriots’ all-but determined demise proliferated when the team was losing 28-3. If there is one lesson learned from all of our years of social media, it’s that you don’t beat memes. You can’t; ask Michael Jordan. You accept them as part of your life and move on.

Brady didn’t have to do that. He won. He has reached the mountaintop and claims he can play into his 40s. I did not doubt that this was a possibility that existed.

Until I saw this video.

The Madden Curse is a long-gestating stipulation that appearing on the cover of this video game franchise will place a hex on your football career, either through injury or decline in ability. Previous victims of this Madden Curse include Donovan McNabb, Shaun Alexander, Rob Gronkowski, Dante Culpepper, and more.

Some have defeated the curse, like Calvin Johnson, Richard Sherman, and Drew Brees. While a lucrative invitation to grace this cover, accepting this volatile randomness of a possible curse into your life seems too risky a proposition for someone like Brady to take so late in his career.

Then he made it worse. In the above video he smashed a mirror, walked underneath a ladder, pretending that curses aren’t real. I half-expected Brady to spill salt, make love to nine black cats, and open 47 umbrellas indoors.

Does Tom Brady not remember he plays for a Boston sports team? They may be cocky, thanks to recent sports success, but the Curse of the Bambino hangs over that city’s head whether they want it or not. I fully expect the sports gods to deliver an injury so miniscule that will ruin Brady’s career for this stunt. In other words, start looking up cures for irritable bowel syndrome, Tommy boy.

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