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WATCH: What Is This Hairy Sea Monster That Washed Ashore In Russia?

There’s a mystery unraveling off the coast of Russia involving a hairy mass that washed ashore last week. Is it an animal? A sea creature? A glob of whale blubber? Nobody knows for sure.

The “sea monster” landed on the shore of the Bering Sea, on the Pacific side of the Kamchatka peninsula, and people are going a little nuts trying to figure out what it is.

According to the Siberian Times, which posted the YouTube video on its site, the “monster” is more than three times the size of a man, and has “puzzled locals who are used to seeing what the ocean washes up.”

The monster is the color of Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster, but way dirtier. And it looks to have a long tail-like protrusion on one end. Oh, and no head.

Witness Svetlana Dyadenko, who shot the video, said:

This unidentified and strange-looking creature was washed on the shore next to the village of Pakhachi, on the north-eastern side of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

She said the most interesting thing to her is that “the creature is covered with tubular fur. Could it be some ancient creature? I wish scientists could inspect this enigma that ocean threw at us.”

Commenters on the video asked her if it could be the remains of a woolly mammoth that was released from a melted permafrost over the warm summer.

But Svetlana said it looks more like a hairy octopus.

Can’t guess what is it. People who saw it could not dig or pull it out. You would need an excavator because part of it got completely covered with sand.

She also said the hair isn’t “normal” fur.

It does look like fur, but it’s tubular, as if a lot of tiny pipes hang down the carcass. This is a really strange-looking creature. We googled it and couldn’t find anything resembling it.

Svetlana said that it seemed to be “the carcass of an animal, but we can’t guess which one.”

But marine biologist Sergei Kornev thinks the “monster” might be part of a decaying sea mammal, saying, “Under the influence of the sea, time and various animals, from the smallest to the largest, a whale often takes on bizarre forms” and that “this is only a part of a whale, not a whole one.”

Take a look for yourself and see if you can come up with an answer.


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