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We Cant Stop Watching This Video Of A Super-Impressive Beer Magician

A video recently surfaced on Reddit showing a guy making beer disappear like it’s his job. What is this trickery?

As seen in this clip, David Copperfield II (assuming that’s his name) effortlessly grabs a guy’s cup of beer, pours it into a coned paper, and then — voila — unfolds the paper and the beer is gone. He then grabs another guy’s beer, empties the beer into a paper, and — voila — the beer is gone. BUT THEN…he unfolds yet another paper and proceeds to pour (presumably) the same beer out of it like it was no big deal! And the crowd went ape shit.

Check out this black magic.

Give me a beer, I got this from blackmagicfuckery

Commenters had a filed day trying to figure out the magic:

“I bet he’s got a cup inside his body.”

“It’s gotta be a plastic bag or similar container hidden in the folds of the newspaper. Very impressive performance though, as he hides it so well. Knowing the secret doesn’t make me any less entertained.”

“I assume it involves a sacrifice and pledging your eternal soul to some ancient Deity. Instructions would be nice though.”

“This is typically done with a false thumb and a lower quantity of liquid. See how he has a fanny pack and he hides his left hand? He likely has some kind of false hand that holds the drink.”

“There’s a flat bag taped along the newspaper that has a U-shaped pouch so the liquid doesnt spill out when moved correctly. I still dont know how the hell he hid it so well though since it’s not clear water and there’s so many people around him.”

“Is there such thing as beer bending?

But this commenter is all of us, regardless of how beer guy pulled off the trick: “no one man should have all that power…”


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