Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Name The New Oreo Mystery Flavor And Win $50K

Oreo’s latest cookie flavor was finally launched in October, which over the years has included crazy things such as fruit punch and banana split. This year, the company kept their new flavor a secret, aptly calling them the “Mystery Flavor Oreos”. They plan to award 50,000 dollars to the person who identifies the flavor. 

Obviously, everyone went crazy and bought all the Oreo’s they could find. The packaging is smart, basically blank, stating only the name of the cookie. Even the description is bare, only stating that these are “chocolate sandwich cookies”. We know this, thank you very much.

Most of those who tried the cookies claimed that the filling was Fruity Pebbles flavor, which is super random and kind of gross.

Make up your mind, people.

Oreo will be accepting submissions until November 30th, which is when they’ll finally award the 50,000 dollars to the winner. Runner ups can even get 10,000 dollars each. Before you access the website and just type in Fruity Pebbles, know that to be considered for the prize you must upload a picture of you eating the cookie or a picture of your receipt. They’re being thorough here, so take your best guess and hopefully earn all that money.


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