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Facebook Is The Reason This NPR Employee Is In Big Trouble

In the midst of back-to-back tragedies that appears to be the world’s new M.O., an NPR employee posted an adorable story about something or someone named Ramona to the company’s social media account. It took seconds for the post to go viral. 

The post was edited shortly afterwards, apologizing and explaining that the content in it was meant for a private account, but people still hung onto Ramona and decided to rant about it on Facebook and to create a bunch of hashtags that trended all over social media. 

Finally, the people were heard and they got what they wanted when NPR gave an update on Ramona and explained that she was, in fact, a baby and not a cat. She does have a cat, which is what the post originally says. Still, hashtags like #ramonaforever and #bringbackramona are still in use and many accounts like the Houston Zoo won’t forget about her, even though her genetic make up is still being debated.  

We want to know the cat’s name too.

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