What’s The Deal With People Screaming ‘Daddy’ Mid-Sex?

It's not as incestuous as it sounds.

What's The Deal With People Screaming 'Daddy' Mid-Sex?
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This trend of people calling their boyfriends “daddy” while they have sex has amassed a certain following. Even though it’s taboo and something that’s not discussed openly, it’s still pretty popular. While it sounds deeply sketchy and problematic, it’s really not that bad. At least that’s what one psycho-sexual therapist says.

Jacqueline Hellyer spoke with Whimm and explained that this nickname is not that freaky, expressing that it’s just another form of role-play and that it doesn’t mean that these people want to have sex with their fathers. “Role plays — and in particular, power exchange role plays — are a very safe way for people with strong personalities to let go.

You often find that women who like to be submissive in relationships — like the kind of women who’d call their partner “daddy” in bed — are actually pretty high-powered in their day-to-day lives. Engaging in this role play is their way of letting go and giving in to vulnerability.”

Sex is a way to relieve stress and for some people it really works to engage in fantasies even though these may never be explored outside of their bedroom.

Hellyer explains that calling your partner daddy is a symbolic thing. It means that you trust your partner and that they make you feel secure and protected. “The father figure is a very safe person, so it’s an ideal way to express your sexuality and experience pleasure.” She concludes that relationships that engage in roleplay and that safely explore sexual fantasies are often the healthiest ones.

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