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Marijuana Is So Mainstream There Are Now Clearance Sales

Weed is dirty cheap right now in California, but only for a limited time. Call it clearance cannabis, bargain bud, discount doobage or reduced reefer, dispensaries in the Golden State are blowing out their inventory over the weekend in order to prepare for a brand, spanking new set of rules and regulations set to take effect July 1.

It has been six months since California launched its recreational marijuana market, and now the state is phasing in updated safety regulations that will render most of the cannabis supplies on the shelves right now obsolete. All of the untested weed must go to make room for products that fall in line with the new testing and packaging guidelines. These changes are coming Sunday, July 1. After then, all of the pot products sold in area dispensaries will be required to adhere to stricter checks on pesticides and mold.

It has been reported that dispensaries are seemingly desperate to move their old cannabis supplies before the new regulations take hold. Pot shops are said to be discounting their pot products by 50 percent. This is because any untested marijuana that remains come Sunday will have to be destroyed, as per the state Bureau of Cannabis Control. So it is conceivable that discounts will increase significantly on Saturday evening. One medical marijuana operation called A Therapeutic Alternative even plans to give away its remaining inventory, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Due to California’s strict laws regarding cannabis advertising, none of the dispensaries have been able to promote their clearance sales through the mainstream media. They have been restricted to mostly word of mouth and online, passing the deals on to their regular customers and those lucky newcomers who stumble in.

But is it safe to consume this untested marijuana? More than likely, yes. People have been smoking untested weed in California for decades. Although some medical marijuana dispensaries had their products tested before, most of them took this step to show potency and ensure their patients that their weed was chemical free. There have been a number of reports surface from California over the past several months regarding pesticides and mold. All of the tainted products were pulled from the shelves and destroyed.

But the new rules aim to raise the safety standards for the recreational sector. Some of those connected to the cannabis industry are not happy about the changes, while others say they are “very necessary for consumer protections, environmental protection and public safety protections.”

However, there are concerns that the new regulations will bring about a shortage of clean weed.



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