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Who Will Play Hillary Clinton In Upcoming Movie; Paris Jackson Declines Music Projects

A new Hillary Clinton movie is in the works and guess who will be playing the secretary of state? Glenn Close.

“Glenn and Meryl’s name has been mentioned a lot. But after Streep inserted herself into politics at the Golden Globes, producers feel Close would be better,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “Hillary recently caught up with Glenn backstage after a performance in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway. And the two were seem laughing and whispering backstage. Clearly the film will focus on Hillary’s career later in life and through the election.”

Who do you think should play Bill?

Paris Jackson Turns Down Music Career

Paris Jackson has officially signed with IMG Models, after making it clear that she does not want follow in her father’s musical footsteps.

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“Paris has been offered several different music projects, from recording an album, to writing and producing, but she has turned them all down,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “She loves being creative and sharing her talents with her fans, but knows that her father is the King Of Pop and anything she did in the music world would be compared to him. At the moment, she wants to focus on modeling and designing. Music is a huge part of her life but not something she is interested in doing right now.”

In January, Paris landed a role in the series “Star,” a show from “Empire” creator Lee Daniels.

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