Friday, February 3, 2023

Why Are ‘Dad Sneakers’ Suddenly Fashionable?

Sportswear has become a popular style of clothing lately, with people wearing sneakers and workout clothes in their day-to-day lives. People refer to these clothes as “athleisure” but we all know what the reality is—people wear sweatpants and sneakers because they’re feeling lazy and it’s also comfy.

While these sort of clothes making it into the mainstream have no apparent explanation, fashion experts believe that the comeback of the “dad sneakers” is due to our sense of nostalgia and our current obsession with all things 80s and 90s.

“There’s no real sign of that going away. It’s effectively how everybody wants to dress now and it’s got a lot to do with comfort rather than actually being active,” says fashion trend forecaster Emily Gordon-Smith.


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ICYMI: Introduced as an off-road runner in 1993, the #Aztrek is back for a new generation. #AlwaysClassic

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Famous brands such as Reebok and FILA have been re-issuing ancient shoes for new generations, making everyone look as if they stepped out of a 90s sitcom when they’re walking down the street.

Workout clothes have also made their mark on the runway, with models wearing extravagant yet comfortable versions of these types of clothes. The style referred to as “ugly clothing” is becoming more and more famous among celebrities, and is a big reason why the shoes are trickling down to us, average citizens. But when GQ is praising Justin Bieber for his “dirtbag grooming,” maybe we shouldn’t be that surprised.

“It sounds slightly bizarre, but it’s true to say that things that are ugly have really become quite cool and chic,” Gordon-Smith said.


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According to fashion experts, the fact that you cringe a little every time you see a different version of these shoes is part of the reason why they’re so coveted in the first place. “We’re all dressing in such a generic homogenized way. The need for something that is a little bit unexpected—a little bit slightly unattractive, in its own way—has just suddenly got an appeal.”

That makes sense. The shoes are still ugly, though.



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