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Why Do ASMR Videos Make People Sleepy?

You’ve probably seen or heard an ASMR recording, which produce a strangely pleasant feeling. These Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos can depict simple tasks, like people quietly and neatly folding clothes, magazine pages flipping, or someone speaking softly into a microphone.

According to those who swear by ASMR, the pleasant sensations associated with it — described as an initial tingling feeling on your neck that travels all the way down to your toes — leave you feeling relaxed and sleepy, depending on the situation.

There are not a lot of studies explaining ASMR, but the movement has gained a large following, even making it onto a Zoe Kravitz beer commercial:

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People can experience ASMR via meditation or by watching a video or listening to an audio file. reports that although no one understands how the phenomenon works, there are a few theories as to why it makes people feel safe.

Explains the website:

It could be that the videos remind you of your childhood (perhaps, for example, you watched your mom do the same action as a kid, so it’s comforting) or that the simple sounds lull you into a relaxed state.

There are hundreds of ASMR Instagram accounts and even podcasts devised to help insomniacs sleep. It may be a fad,  but there’s nothing risky about giving it a shot. Even if the videos don’t help you sleep, they’re always pleasant and distracting.


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