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You’ll Never Guess What Part Of The Plane Is Most Filthy

While most of us enjoy traveling, it’s hard to keep ourselves from thinking about the filth all around us. Like all the bacteria we’re exposed to the minute we get on a plane.

Those clunky seats haven’t been washed in God knows how long, the sweaty person that’s sitting right next to you, the tiny bathrooms that force you to touch their walls, or the awful food, there’s just no way to shake the feeling that you can get Mono at any minute (we’re talking about coach here).

The Huffington Post reports that one of the nastiest areas on the plane is one you might never have imagined. More than the food trays and toilets, the overhead air vent is the worst place to touch whenever you board a plane, containing more than 285 colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch. Travel Math is responsible for discovering these results, which they gathered from testing five airports and four different planes. The air vents ended up having more bacteria than the flush button of the toilets.

If you’re thinking you’d rather wrap yourself up in the planes’ cozy blankets instead of touching the air vent, think again, because other studies discovered that the blankets are repurposed and reused after the flight is done. While these results are shocking and gross, planes are not the worst place to be when it comes to bacteria. You’ll probably be exposed to the same amount of germs when you go out to work in your office.

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