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Introducing The 5 Craziest Brothels From Around The World

The world’s oldest trade has taken a blow from the internet and the economy, or so people say. According to people who work at brothels, they have to try extra hard to get people to come into their business, offering incentives and discounts since clients can have access to sex online without going into creepy establishments. 

There are a few brothels that stand out due to the extreme weirdness they provide, as if they were Disney minus the cute. Check these out:

Shibuya Pink Girls Club

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You may wonder what’s so weird about this place to make it to this list, and we’ll just tell you that it’s designed as if it were a subway train, filled with school girls. Men pay around 100 dollars to gain entry and to be able to grope any girl they want.

Passion Wagon

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Taking a page from delivery services from all over the world, Passion Wagon provides sex to their clients on the go. The operation was started by two English prostitutes were looking for an effective way of avoiding the police. Other countries are following this model and looking to develop their own version of  mobile brothels. Because you can’t get that from a computer.

Sex Doll Brothels

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Japan has thought of the perfect option for those guys who are shy and don’t want to socialize, designing brothels filled with all kinds of sex dolls. These dolls are very popular in Japan, even though they can be super expensive because of their realistic looks. Removing the human factor is a smart idea for these brothels, at least from a business standpoint, since you don’t have to pay or deal with any humans. The only downside, which is a pretty big one, is that someone would have to clean the dolls, which sounds like a truly awful job. 

The Phoenix Goddess Temple

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Prostitution and religion sound like ideas that can’t coexist, but that’s not what these people had in mind when they created a place like this one. This temple was located in Arizona and it preached for the sexual liberation of men and women. It took little for the police to figure out that this place wasn’t a temple, and that people were offering “donations” in exchange for “neo-tantric healing therapies”, which was just a fancy word for sex. The operation was shut down, but it was still a ingenious way to start a business.

The Alien Cathouse

As it’s name suggests, this brothel has a focus on extraterrestrial fantasies. Alien sex, if you must. Created by Dennis Hof – millionaire brothel owner, supporter of Ron Paul in 2012, and inspiration for the HBO show Cathouse – the establishment is located on the outside of Las Vegas, near “Area 51”, better known as the capital of all things aliens in the US.

As you can tell from the video, the brothel looks less like a brothel and more like a sci-fi pervy frat house. The establishment has different rooms with different themes, including clothing options from Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar and whatever you can think of. There’s a probing room, which was probably the reason why they made this brothel in the first place. It also has a gym? For some reason.

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