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11 Of The Strangest Flavored Chips From Around The World

Potato chips are among the most famous snacks from all over the world, beloved by everyone and extremely varied in their flavors. It’s common to stumble into a bag of chips that claims to taste like 3 different things that, on the surface, make no sense. 

While researching potato chips (why not) it was surprising to discover just how many flavors exist, and how wacky these international companies can get.

Million dollar industries like Lays and Doritos tailor their product for each country, producing flavors that try to represent each place’s individual cuisine. Pretty fancy stuff for some potato chips but, who are we to judge? So long salt and vinegar, you’re not cool enough anymore.

Cheese & Pepper / Bacon & Mustard Doritos

Greek Tzatziki / Brazillian Picanha Chips

Ketchup Doritos

Ketchup flavored stuff is nothing new, but the blood red color in those Doritos sure is.

Southwestern Queso / Beers & Brats Chips


Lay’s Southwestern Queso & Beer ‘n Brat! Found at: Walgreens #thejunkfoodaisle

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The perfect companion for a Football game!

Chicharron With Salted Eggs Chips

Must Try! #chicharon #snack #saltedegg #chips

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Iberian Ham Chips

Salted Egg Chips

Chocolate Chips

Chipsy czekoladowe ? #chocolate #chips #foodporn #food #tasty

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Banana Chips

Wasabi Chips

Lavender Mint

More like Febreeze.


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