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7 Refreshing Fruit Beers To Beat The Summer Heat

There are few things more reminiscent of summer than fresh fruit. You can picture it now: strawberries freshly washed, bursting in your teeth. A just-cut watermelon, dripping on the counter. Really, nothing could be better. Unless, of course, you added beer to the mix. Ah, beer, the joyous, populist beverage. The cartoon hand, curling its finger for you to follow down a lovely day drinking session. But, if you’re a lover of fruit and fruit flavors and you’re also a lover of beer, what blessed way is there to enjoy them both at the same time? No, don’t add grapes to your Pilsner! There are professionals who can do that kind of thing for you. Just keep reading.

Lucky Envelope Grapefruit IPA (Seattle, WA)

A new bright spot on the Seattle suds skyline. This beer is born out of Lucky Envelope’s delicious mosaic-hopped IPA. That recipe perfected, the brewery went on to make additions. Using real grapefruit, the IPA is accentuated by honest-to-goodness citrus. And, the brewery announced, they will soon be bottling the stuff year-round. (Lucky Envelope also has a Blood Orange Session IPA).

New Belgium Lemon Ginger Sour (Fort Collins, CO)

While most sours are too puckery, this one is perfect for the summer and punctuated by a light and bright kiss of lemon zest. When you think sun, summer and fruit, don’t you just see a gleaming yellow lemon tree? Well taste your vision quest, beer lover, and do it with a bottle of this delicious (though a bit sour) nectar.

Founders Brewing Raspberry Ale (Grand Rapids, MI)

When you were a kid, your favorite fruit was likely a raspberry. Well, those little, fuzzy, squishy, bejeweled berries make a great addition to an ale – especially in this dazzling, slightly tart finishing gem of a pint.

Cascade Apricot Ale (Portland, OR)

A sour blond ale – or wild ale, as some know it – this brew is aged nine months and then aged again with fresh, buoyant apricots for another 180 days. It’s a wonderful blend of bright sunshiney fruit and tart aromas in the nose. Let the beer gods shine on you one afternoon with this one.

Moody Tongue Sliced Nectarine IPA (Chicago, IL)

Maybe the most underrated fruit out there, the nectarine is pleasant and a bit sharper than its fuzzy peach counterpart. And this IPA benefits. The drink maintains its bite – thanks to hops and the fruit – but it has a rounder edge and offers a nostalgia to the mind, pushing you to remember that little plate handed to you in August with sliced stone fruit atop it.

Atlas Blackberry Cider (Bend, OR)

We’re cheating a bit here, since this a cider and not a beer. But this way you get two fruits – apple and blackberry – all in one. This cider from Atlas is tart and dark and uber refreshing. It’s the kind of cider you can sit down at a bar with and feel like you just got off work laying brick. It’s a hefty drink and one so delicious you’ll likely order another.

Ravenna Brewing Jalapeno Kolsch (Seattle, WA)

Okay, okay, a jalapeno is not a fruit. We totally get that. But there are a myriad of other fruit beers to try out there in the world, but have you ever heard of a Jalapeno Kolsh? Something so light and fluffy and perfect for summer while also having a bit of a heated bite? They say the best way to cool down is to sweat a little. So why not have your (frosty Jalapeno Kolsh) cake and eat it too?


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