Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Boston Kids Keep Using Chuck E. Cheese Tokens To Pay Library Fines

Though Chuck E. Cheese tokens can buy you a great deal of fun and prizes, one Boston library would like to remind its borrowers, as hard as they may try, the tokens cannot pay off your debts.

The problem had apparently become large enough that the Peabody Institute Library, the library for Danvers north of Boston, needed to post on Facebook about.

“This summer we’ve had a surge of folks attempting to pay fines and printing fees with tokens from Chuck E Cheese and Bonkers,” the post states. “Since they are not legal tender, we cannot accept them.

Bookkeeper Sue Kontos told the Salem News one instance where she counted three of the tokens before realizing they weren’t quarters. She did also note that the librarians are being good sports about the whole situation and had a good laugh about it.

Also, the library took the opportunity that Canadian money wouldn’t be accepted either. I guess you’ll have to save those looneys and tooneys for another swindling hoodwink than ripping off the local library.


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