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Dogs Of Instagram: Bichon Frise

Pronounced BEE-shawn FREE-say

Photo by Joyce McCombs via Pixabay

Don’t mess with my Bichon Frise. Always alert, these fluffy clouds of personality are great watchdogs, while also greeting strangers like a friend they have yet to meet. Loving, curious, and cuddly, this breed is truly happy-go-lucky. The Bichon Frise stands under a foot tall, and is known for its white hypoallergenic and plush coats.

Here, we find the five fluffiest, most-loving Bichon Frises of Instagram.

Bentley, The Furball

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Real or fake? 🧸

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Jean Pierre Woof Woof


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Bello come pochi 😍🐶 #arturo

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