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Is This Dog Pooper Scooper Drone For Real Or Just A Dream?

It’s springtime. Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and flying dog shit detectors are in the air. Can a drone be a pooper scooper too?

That was the concept that Dutch company and drone makers Space53 tried to pass off as sane and reasonable with their elaborate Dogdrones prank. Stay vigilant, everyone, as April Fools jokes now apparently last from late March into early April.

Several news outlets reported on the drones as being a real possibility, as if flying poop patrol was the solution to our dog turd woes.

To be fair, the concept is pretty convincing, if not totally ridiculous. They created a pretty slick website complete with videos, infographics, and statistics about dog poo. They outline how the drone would work: Using camera and thermal imaging to detect the steamy pile, the drone would work together with a ground-based scooper, communicating to collect it so you don’t have to.

They wrote about their valiant cause on their website:

A lot of dog owners properly dispose of their dog’s poo, but a lot of owners do not. That is not only disgusting and annoying, but also a great danger of infection. Dog poo contains bacteria, viruses, parasites and worms that are especially harmful for children. Adults and other dogs are at risk, as well. Parasite eggs can survive for years and result in a danger of infection if dog poo is not properly disposed.

They also called for volunteer drone pilots to help give their bizarre vision wings. Seventy-five people signed up to be pilots, either falling for the trick or being just curious enough to add their names to the list. Those would-be shit pilots will certainly be let down that this was all a hoax.

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