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Beyoncé Is Officially Better At Giving Anniversary Gifts Than You

Beyoncé is better than you at a lot of things. She’s a better singer, a better dancer, a better friend, a better mom, a better overall person than many of us ever hope to be. I bet she’s even better at crafting ledes for internet content than I am.

This is a truth I accept unequivocally. There is now another achievement to add to the list: Beyoncé is all better at giving anniversary gifts than you.

Tuesday marks the ninth anniversary between Beyoncé and Jay Z and she uploaded an altered video of 2015’s “Die With You.” The new video includes more behind-the-scenes footage of her pregnancy shoot and Mom Bey playing with Blue Ivy.

In addition, Beyoncé also curated a 63-song playlist titled “IV EVER EVER” that will take you nearly five hours to get through. The playlist is widely varied (even more so than Drake’s new idiosyncratic “playlist”) and includes tracks from Ms. Lauryn Hill, Anita Baker, OutKast, Frank Ocean, and more. This perhaps is Beyoncé’s greatest gift: helping provide some positive publicity and public interest in Jay’s streaming service.

That’s right. Both the video and playlist are Tidal exclusives, so you’ll have to cough up some money or burn that free trial if you want to enjoy. Then again, it is Beyoncé we’re talking here, so you know it’s worth it.

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