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Kids Outing Boozy Parents On Reddit Will Be The Best Thing You Read All Day

What started out as a photo a mom posted on Reddit of the lunch her four-year old packed for her (applesauce, oatmeal, snack bar, mac & cheese…can of Miller Lite), quickly turned into story time, with parents sharing all the accidental shade their kiddos threw at them and their mild drinking addictions. Score one for boozy parents.

When we’re kids, we judge adults. When we’re adults, we judge kids. And when we’re kids acting like adults, we judge the fact that our parents might love their booze slightly more than their family. It’s how Tila Tequila happened (probably). You can’t even walk into a BevMo without the little buggers asking loudly if the superstore was now the family’s second home. Where do they learn this stuff? These Reddit comments are a small snapshot of the men and women who personally know the wrath of a child who clearly needs to be cut off.

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