Monday, July 13, 2020
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Pizza Bath Bombs Are Real And They’re Freaking Us Out

Nothing comforts the worries of your day like a slice of pizza. The melting cheese and greasy coating texture your mouth with a fatty blanket, telling you it’ll be all right, sweet child. A motherly feel, almost, except without any of the familial baggage. Similar is the experience of a good bath. So, as one bold creator reasoned, why not try to combine both into a wonderful pizza bath bomb?

The pizza bath bomb is hand-sliced by BathesdaBoutique, an Etsy boutique that specializes in epic bath time joys. Included in their store are Minion-shaped bath bombs, a tasty dessert treat, and one inspired by My Little Pony.

The pizza slice, though, is the store’s star. It’s currently sold out, but only costs $7 when it’s in stock. When you drop it into the bath, it fizzles into a rainbow of magical colors, relaxing mind, spirit, and soul. Not only does it look like pizza, but the store claims it smells like pizza, too. Though hopefully that isn’t in a greasy way.

If pizza doesn’t strike your fancy, the store is also experimenting with new creations. For foodies that includes a breakfast-themed bath bomb to start your mornings while geeks can enjoy comic book-themed baths with their favorite superheroes like Batman.

Tell us that doesn’t make you want to take a bath right now.


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