Friday, July 10, 2020
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Puppy Pilates Is A New Workout Trend The World Desperately Needs

All the animals on the planet were already taken for yoga (see: bunny yoga, goat yoga, horse yoga, cat yoga), so a fitness studio in North Carolina, had the brilliant idea to use puppies in their Pilates class. Because who doesn’t love puppies?

It’s a rather genius idea. The puppies don’t actually belong to the Cisco Pilates studio and the class is certainly not BYOP — all the little scamps are up for adoption through the local animal shelter.

Proceeds from the $10 class go directly to the Asheville chapter of the Humane Society. And not only that, but adoption fees are also waived for any puppy adopted during Pilates.

Initially, there were only two fundraising classes, but the demand was so high, it appears the studio is offering Pilates With Puppies as an on-going class.

On her website, owner Alexis Miller writes:

We had our second class in December 2017, and it sold out so quickly that we added another class on the same date. We will continue this awesome fundraiser class about once a month, or when we can secure puppies and the space at AHS.

One Instagram user commented, “I literally can’t yoga for my life. But I’ll just lay there and wear a blanket of puppies.” Nailed it.


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