Friday, February 3, 2023

One Love: 6 Videos Of Animals Being The Best Of Friends

Animals hold an almost sacred place on the internet, causing us waste hours of our lives looking at videos and endless photos. Many animals have found online fame or have become long-lasting internet memes due to a video or an image, all because we never get tired of seeing them be themselves.

While a new viral post of an animal is always great, be that in the shape of a photo or a video of them doing something silly, they’re always at their prime when they’re interacting with one another.

Since there’s no such thing as too many animals on the internet, we’ve combed through the web and found the cutest animal friendships available. Have your best friend’s number on speed dial just in case you wanna give them some love.


This Pug And That Butterfly

Pugs and butterflies are two types of animals that you’d think would never even know about the other’s existence. Here, they coexist peacefully, and someone was wise enough to snap a photo of the perfect moment. We’ll never be over this either.

This Dog And That Snail 

I don’t think the snail know’s what’s going on here. Or the dog.

This Dog And That Bird

These two have a long history of friendship, backed up by the images provided by the owner and the amazing fact that this bird enjoys strolls on top of this dog.

These Two Dogs

Now this we’ve seen before, dogs being friends with dogs. Kudos to that peaceful and patient older dog.

Bea And Wilma

Bea and Wilma are a giraffe and an ostrich that live in Busch Gardens, and their friendship was so puzzling to the park managers that they made a video about it and it obviously went viral. I mean, how could it not?



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