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Heartwarming: Golden Retrievers Pull Their Owner Through The Snow

It’s safe to say not many people living in the town of Rumson, New Jersey own sled dog teams. Luckily, when they got a snowstorm over the weekend, golden retrievers came to the rescue.

We already know dogs are super chill about summer activities, can tear up the surf like they’ve been hanging ten forever, and are even adept vocalists. It turns out that they’re also really good at winter sports.

In 10 inches of snow from a mini-blizzard, these very good doggos pulled their owner, Stephen Mann, around the neighborhood on a snowskate. The snowskate is a snowboard skateboard hybrid that’s slightly smaller than a snowboard and is used for doing tricks. Or, apparently, cruising around your town pulled by two majestic golden retrievers. Selfie stick not included, but his balancing skills with the camera in one hand and the dogs pulling him along in the other is impressive.

The idea came to their owner, Stephen Mann, when he took the energetic dogs out for a walk on the icy roads. “The dogs love running in the snow already, and since it was so slippery, I was getting dragged around as it was,” Mann told InsideEdition.com. “So, jumping on the snowskate just made sense.”

He says they love the snow, and don’t want to stop running once they start. Even when a neighbor out for a walk gets in their path, they blaze on by in a streak of golden glory. Run forever, you beautiful innocent doggos.


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