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The Only Cocktail You Need This Summer: The Backslide, Anvil Bar & Refuge

Bobby Huegel, owner of Anvil Bar & Refuge, has been hailed the Cocktail King of Houston. But the James Beard Award nominee loves nothing more than to give credit where credit is due. And today, he shares Anvil’s signature summer drink concocted by his bartender Westin Galleymore, who was in the midst of a rekindling the flames of an old love when he created it. Love and alcohol, together again!

It’s called the Backslide. “At its core, it’s a summer twist on a classic gin martini,” says Huegel, who emphasizes the importance of a chilly drink during a Houston heatwave.

“Westin created the Backslide as a refreshing stirred cocktail that will stay cold for a while, thanks to a cube of ice left in the drink. When Westin was working on this cocktail, he started dating his ex-girlfriend again, and the bar staff joked that he was backsliding. He named the cocktail Backslide because this is the drink you want to get back together with.”

This drink is one of seven seasonal summer cocktails currently on the Anvil menu.

(by barman Westin Galleymore)

  • 1.5 oz Citadelle Gin
  • .75 oz Carpano Bianco
  • 3 barspoons Emile Pernot Fraise des Bois

Stir. Serve. Garnish with lemon zest.


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