Sunday, February 16, 2020
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Seamless Inspired Food Delivery For Airports Is Now A Thing

You no longer have to decide between missing your flight or grabbing breakfast. Two new apps make on-demand gate delivery possible. Airport Sherpa is Seamless for airports.

Airport Sherpa is a lot like any other food delivery company. Essentially, travelers input their flight info and the app will spit out a list of food and other items — gifts, magazines, etc. — that are available for purchase in the airport, spanning all terminals.

There is a dedicated location for pick-up, but those who are in a hurry or don’t want to leave their gate (“gate huggers”) can get their items delivered straight to them for a fee ($4-$8).

According to USA Today, Airport Sherpa will “calculate delivery time for each order based on preparation time from the store and the time it will take the Sherpa to walk from the store to the delivery location.” They also have precautions in place to make sure your products would arrive before boarding.

Airport Sherpa screenshot

Airport Sherpa debuted at Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) this week. And a similar app, At Your Gate, is coming to San Diego Airport (SAN) in August. The latter, so says USA Today, is partnering with Grab, a mobile-ordering app that currently lets travelers preorder food for pickup at 150 concessions in 18 airports.

Both apps plan to expand their service to airports around the country sooner than later.


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